We believe in personalization.

So it struck us as curious that Google.com, the most common new tab and most popular page on the web is plain, white, and static. We discovered, that like us, millions of users prefer more interesting backgrounds, so we put our belief and skills to work in order to give everyone the ability to personalize their Google background and New Tab into something they love. Today, Custom New Tab & Google™ Background is the most popular Google Background extension in the world, and we’re always working to make it better. Check out how it works below!

Custom New Tab & Google™ Background allows you to personalize your new tab and Google™ homepage experience. It is a living, growing product that will continue to evolve. It currently has the following features:

Upload your own photos and set them as your Google™ background.

Browse through a wide selection of stunning photos, gifted by the internet’s most generous community of photographers - Unsplash.

Pick any color as your background. And when we say any color, we mean it - you can even enter an HTML Hex code.

You can now change more than just the background of your Google™ background - choose between hundreds of themes from the Stylish community and personalize your browsing experience to the max.

New Customize Chrome’s New Tab - this new feature allows you to customize your New Tab page and rock the same background on both Google’s homepage and New Tab. In addition, you can now personalize the appearance of New Tab features page to your preference.

New Easily turn your favorite Facebook photos into your custom New Tab and/or Google background. Simply open the extension and select "Facebook Photos" from the toolbar.

Custom Google™ Background gives you the ability to customize your Google homepage and new tab background and layout, and makes suggestions for popular user styles on each page that you visit. As part of our service, we receive anonymous browsing data, as detailed in our privacy policy.